Pyle PUCWM22 Easy to Use 2 in 1 Portable Compact Mini Top Load Clothes Washer Washing Machine and Spin Dryer Laundry Combination Unit, White


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mini clothes washer and dryer

Never re-wear a pair of dirty socks ever again thanks to this 2-in-1 Mini Clothes Washing Machine and Dryer Combination Unit by Pyle. Designed with your convenience and self-care in mind, this compact machine doesn’t require any special parts or plumbing so you can take it wherever you go. Perfect for apartment living, tent or RV camping, and more, this portable washer/dryer conquers all of your dirty laundry. Equipped with a power cord and drain hose, start your first load of laundry right away. Plug in the home combination unit, then simply add detergent, water, and dirty clothes to the top-loading washing machine. Use the rotary controls to select your timers and other controls.

Once your clothes are clean, transfer them to the connected high-powered spin dryer. Keep an eye on your load of laundry through the translucent tub container window. The mini clothes washer is powered by a 250-watt motor and features a maximum capacity of 77 pounds. The small spin dryer is powered by a 120-watt motor with a 33-pound load capacity. Dominate your dirty clothes 1 load at a time with help from the Pyle 2-in-1 Compact Top-Load Clothes Washer and Dryer.


  • Conquer laundry mountains with ease using this 2-in-1 top-load washing machine and dryer
  • Comes with power cord and drain hose so you can use wherever you go
  • Easy to use with convenient top-loading system; Simply add detergent and water to wash
  • Rotary controls make it easy to select your wash and spin timers, plus other controls
  • Mini clothes washer has max capacity of 77 pounds, while dryer has 33-pound load capacity
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