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The stokke carrier Limas™ Carrier Flex is a full-buckle baby carrier and can be use from one month (4kg / 8.8lb). Second, You can put it on quickly and easily without tying. It provides freedom of movement and safety every step of the way. Made with soft cotton, it expands as your baby grows to keep them comfy & close. ? Thanks to the adjustable base and back panel, this carrier can be expand to your baby’s size. It also ensures a comfortable, ergonomic seating position for your baby – from a few weeks after birth all the way through the early years up to 20kg / 44.1lb. ? Front and back carrying options give parents a lot of flexibility. The waistbelt of the Stokke® Limas™ Carrier Flex can be easily remove, allowing it to be use as an onbuhimo – a traditional Japanese style for baby back carrying without a waistbelt.

Physical contact is important for babies. Carrying them close allows them to experience the world from a sheltered environment. Babies can sense your heartbeat and body, which makes them feel safe & protected. Furthermore, Babies’ hips aren’t fully develope when they’re born. Babywearing supports healthy development of the hips. In addition, Our ergonomic carriers encourage the correct spread-squat position that is recommended by leading experts. Finally, Babywearing gives busy parents freedom of movement and two free hands, allowing them to stay active and mobile. A baby carrier goes where a stroller simply cannot.

Product Details

  • Provides freedom of movement
  • Suitable as an onbuhimo without a waistbelt ?
  • Padded shoulder straps with buckles that adjust easily?
  • Base ensures correct squat–spread position
  • Wide, ergonomically shaped waistbelt with padded buckle (adjustable from 60 to 140 cm, waistbelt extension available)
  • Adjustable back panel (from 30cm to 41cm / 11.8″ to 16″ cm)
  • Ideal for extended back-carrying
  • Material: 100% cotton??* (*Valerian beige only: 50% cotton, 50% linen)
  • Does not require washing before being used for the first time
  • Machine washable at low temperature (40C/104F) and low spin
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