4moms Connect High Chair – White / Grey


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4moms Connect High Chair. Supper time is the ideal spot to interface as another family. The 4moms Associate High Chair permits infants to remain securely raised and drew in during family supper time minutes. Reconsidered with practically no additional parts or connections, the baby chair’s seat effectively leans back to help infants securely. The movable elements consistently adjust with your little one as they develop, so they’ll continuously sit down at the table. 4moms Connect High Chair for sale.
The 4moms® Associate High Chair™ is additionally worked to give guardians an additional hand – in a real sense. Including a one-gave plate join, the high seat utilizes magnets that easily guide the plate into place, making a solid connection that keeps child protected and agreeable. Simple to clean with a removable, froth seat supplement and dishwasher-safe plate liner, this will be the main high seat you and your little one will at any point require.

Mealtime is the perfect place to connect as a new family. The 4moms® Connect High Chair™ allows newborns to stay safely elevated and engaged during family mealtime moments. The high chair’s seat easily reclines to safely support newborns. The adjustable features seamlessly adapt with your little one as they grow, so they’ll always have a seat at the table.

  • One-handed tray connects securely and effortlessly
  • Adjustable features that grow with baby from newobrn through toddler
  • Adjustable recline
  • Removable crotch post
  • 3 Height adjust positions


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