7 A.M. Enfant Baby Carrier Cover – Black Plush


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7 A.M. Enfant K-Poncho Baby Carrier Cover – Black Plush


7 a.m. enfant Baby Carrier K for Kangaroo & Koala – To pay tribute to the art of carrying baby like a marsupial, the K-Poncho is the ideal cover for ergonomic baby carriers. Pick from a baby carrier, car seat or stroller as baby grows. The K-Poncho is the most comfy 3-in-1 solution for baby. The plush lining keeps baby warm against your body like a marsupial and finds the perfect ergonomic solution for babys’ legs. Bonus: It’s machine washable. 7 a.m. enfant Baby Carrier
3-in-1 cover for versatile use on any ergonomic baby carrier, stroller and car seat
Roomy elasticized pouch for entire baby body coverage
Snapped system for leg muff corners and hood allowing for carrying baby facing outward or inward
Universal side snap attachments to secure cover onto any gear
Hand slits for child or parent
Water repellent outer shell, ultra-soft thin premium poly insulation and plush lining
Temperature Rating: 5°F/-15°C
Dimensions: W: 22?, H: 33?
Machine washable


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