7 A.M. Enfant Baby Shield Footmuff, Large – Black


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7A.M. Enfant Baby Footmuff. The Child Safeguard keeps little ones shielded from the occasional weather conditions changes with a double reason cover. The principal zippered cover shields child from outrageous winter temperatures, while the second zippered cover safeguards child from breezy and respectably cools

  • 100% sythetic materials
  • Imported
  • Detachable front panels can be used separately as blankets
  • Removable back panel eliminates material between baby’s back and the car seat
  • allowing access to the five point harness. Anti-slip back panel keeps footmuff in place on a stroller
  • Convertible hood with oversized
  • adjustable collar that can be pulled up to protect a child’s face from the elements with drawstring
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