Travel Blankets & Footmuffs

Footmuffs and Travel Blankets for Your Baby
Footmuffs and travel blankets are an ideal solution to keep your little one warm and cozy during the winter months in the cold of the Northern US. If you do live in a warmer environment like Florida or California, you may not need to add a warm footmuff or travel blanket to your baby gear, but if you live in Vermont or Minnesota, they’re practically a must-have baby item anytime it’s not summer.

Simply put, the footmuff is like a feature-rich, cozy “sleeping-bag-style” bag of soft cuddles that your child can use in the stroller while out in the cold. With footmuffs, there is usually a hood, buttons or zips, and a feature where the footmuff will expand as your child grows–all while promising to fit much better in your stroller than just grabbing a throw blanket before leaving the home. Further, the footmuff is generally warmer than your average throw blanket, making it ideal for your little one in cold temperatures. The footmuffs are usually designed with superior fabrics and materials to ensure a remarkably comfortable experience for your

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