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Avent uGrow Smart Baby Monitor

The philips avent ugrow smart monitor enables you and your beloved ones to watch over your little one, from wherever you are. The app automatically switches between networks and optimizes audio and video quality for the best connection to your baby.

  1. Works across all networks for the optimal connection
  2. Supports multiple cameras/viewers, invite your beloved ones
  3. Monitoring performance dependent upon Wi-Fi connection
  4. Personalize settings, monitor the way you want
  5. Up to 720p HD day & night vision quality
  6. Background mode with reduced power consumption
  7. A selection of lullabies for calm, contented sleep
  8. Multi-color nightlight to soothe your baby to sleep
  9. Reassuring TalkBack function
  10. Room humidity and temperature monitoring and recording
  11. Snapshot to capture your baby’s special moments
  12. Simply use the QR code to set up and download the app

What is the Philips Avent UGrow system?

It’s an application and video monitoring system. The monitor is a video monitor, but rather than it coming with its own screen unit, the camera connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via the internet and you watch your baby on a special app.

The app is described by Philips as “the world’s first medical baby app with connected devices giving you (parents) personal advice that matters”. The app comes loaded with content such as breastfeeding advice, and allows you to use it as a sleep, feeding and weight tracker.

When working with the monitor it also lets you share the connection with up to 10 family members or friends so others can see your baby sleep without even being in the same house. philips avent ugrow smart monitor


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