Babymoov Hygro+ Humidifier with Night Light


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Babymoov Hygro+ Humidifier with Night Light


babymoov hygro+ humidifier, Whether it’s soothing them into a gentle slumber or helping them to make sense of the day’s events, rest is integral to your baby’s comfort and development. As babies are sensitive to their surroundings, it’s important to ensure their environment is calming and comfortable for them – whether that’s preventing baby congestion or allergies with an air humidifier, or making the space more peaceful with a rechargeable baby nightlight.

You can use your humidifier during winter AND summer, for optimal comfort! Thanks to the automatic shut-off and its optimum runtime, you can relax at night with Hygro+!

Safety and hygiene are important for your little one through the day and night, so our Babymoov Hydro+ Humidifier for coughs, colds, eczema and more can make a real difference. This baby humidifier with hygrometer is completely noiseless and built to maintain the right air moisture level for your baby, so it can reduce the symptoms of baby allergies and provide a gentle congestion solution. Plus, it doubles up as a baby oil diffuser to relax your little one with comforting scents.

babymoov hygro

Silent (25dB)
Automatic shut-off
Setting the relative humidity level at the desired time
Adjustable mist output
360° adjustable mist outlet angle (cool mist)
Touch screen is backlit for easier use
Optimum runtime for non-stop diffusion from bedtime to wake-up time (up to 22 hr runtime


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