Bombol Blast UV Disinfector


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Bombol Blast UV Disinfector. Impact UV is a versatile yet incredibly strong UV-C disinfector, up to multiple times more productive than a standard 99.9% UV-C sanitizer or moist disposable clothes.

  • Inactivates up to 99.9921% of viruses and kills up to 99.999999% of bacteria, in just 5 minutes.*
  • Proven UV-C disinfection technology
  • 3 high-end, gold-plated, sapphire 20mW LED’s with 10 years of daily usage
  • Triple safety sensors to ensure Blast UV™ is correctly sealed
  • UL-F1 certified Porex Virtek® lining prevents UV-C leakage
  • 3 thermochromic indicators guarantee LED’s emitted invisible UV-C light
  • Fast and easy foldable design
  • A suspended, transparent surface for 360° disinfection
  • Porex Virtek® lining for ultra-reflective, Lambertian reflection for maximum UV-C disinfection efficiency
  • No harmful chemical residues, no bad ozone smells, no disposable wipes.
  • USB-C powered


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