Boon PIPES + TUBES + COGS Bath Toy Bundle


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Boon BUNDLE Building Toddle. esigned for shower time fun Assist your little manufacturer with getting imaginative in the tub with this triplet of Help Shower toys. Shelter pipes transform shower time into a scooping and pouring spectacle These five contrastingly molded lines can be utilized exclusively or assembled to make a chain for a progression of watery tomfoolery. Include Shelter cylinders, and there are currently eight watery miracles that let your baby find significantly more ways of playing.

Each cylinder and line associates with water distinctively for a lot of ways of testing. Aid Gear-teeth finishes this set for most extreme shower time fun. They turn when water is poured over them. Situated perfectly, they’ll run like a calibrated machine. These shower toys pull to the wall so the water returns in the tub, not on the floor. With all of this to play with, the main test will get your little stuff head out of the tub. Boon BUNDLE Building Toddle

  • Fun Bath Toys: A fun suction bath toy set that helps water stay inside the tub
  • Unique Shapes and Functions: The toy pipes, cogs, and tubes can be used for creative fun
  • Multicolored: These multicolored bath toys can be paired together for even more watery fun
  • Functional Gears: Toy cogs spin when water is poured over them, either on their own or all together
  • Includes: Baby building bath toy set consists of 5 pipes, 5 cogs, and 3 tubes



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