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Nuna items are known for being very much made, basic and safe. Variety coded markers (green means establishment is finished; red lets you know there’s something else to do) let you know when the base is associated accurately so you can go with certainty. It’s additionally simple to introduce without the base — convenient for guardians who frequently rideshare. Buy Nuna PIPA Online.

This seat gets focuses for security and solace. It has side-influence insurance and a base with an overlap down strength leg that wedges against the vehicle floor. The leg retains crash powers in a mishap and settles your child’s ride the remainder of the time (it’s a locking 3-piece plan that makes it a superior fit for various kinds of vehicles and the center seat).

The base likewise has an enemy of bounce back board that accomplishes a tight introduce and forestalls additional movement. There’s something else: the steel-built up inflexible lock has four situations for a superior fit against your vehicle seat.

The air pocket free, numbered lean back implies you can change positions as your child develops without having to uninstall the base. The position of safety base additionally takes into account more straightforward stacking of the vehicle seat.

The vehicle safety belt lockoff makes belt directing simple with the open belt way, and opens flawlessly with the hint of a button. Normal belt plots for lap and shoulder belts oblige more vehicles.

  • Open belt path for easier install
  • No added fire retardant chemicals
  • Organic jersey insert
  • Sky drape attaches with magnets
  • Side impact protection
  • Stability leg
  • Can be installed with or without base


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