FridaBaby Frida Mom Adjustable Nursing Pillow


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FridaBaby Frida Nursing Pillow. Find the bosom lap-to-hook position in only one breastfeeding pad. The flexible nursing pad has 3 tradable layers to assist you with finding the right level for your size, in addition to various padding levels to Support as need might arise. Keeps mother alright with back help and movable fold over midsection – In addition, capacity pockets for telephone + water and discretionary pockets for heat packs to ease post pregnancy torment. Essentially stack, change, Hook + unwind.
  • REMOVABLE LAYERS: Find the right height from lap to latch – layer up (or down) to find your nursing sweet spot
  • FIRM-TO-SOFT CUSHIONING: Adjust cushioning as baby grows – from when they need cradling to just the right support to no longer being a rolling risk
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 1 pillow + 1 removable backrest
  • T-SHIRT SOFT COVER: Easy to clean and machine washable
  • A+ FOR C-SECTIONS: Wide opening and stay-in-place ergonomic design keeps pressure off of C-section incision
  • DESIGNED WITH MOMS IN MIND: Inclined armrest reduces upper body tension, built-in cradle retainer reduces sliding + rolling while baby is learning to latch
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: 1 pillow + 1 removable backrest


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