Fun Flex Frog Mirror Set


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Fun Flex Frog Mirror. The Tomfoolery Flex Flexi Frog Mirror Set is a Compatible toy intended to be formatively proper for each stage. The bundle contains 3 tomfoolery and adaptable mixes: 1-Cinch, 1-Adaptable arms, 1-Frog reflect toy. The mirror assists child with fostering a superior mental self portrait and works on child’s vision. The Tomfoolery Flex Flexi Frog Mirror Set creates mindfulness and natural disclosure and has bunches of fun surfaces to urge child to get a handle on and investigate. Splendid, differentiating varieties and examples grab child’s attention and keep child locked in. It Simple appends and alters play time anyplace child goes: buggy, twin Carriage, lodging, vehicle seat, high seat, pack and play, Swing, table, sponsor, bouncer, diaper evolving table, bassinets, shower, Exercise center/Mat and anyplace you can imagine. Interface toy to pretty much to any surface, effectively and safely

  • Mirror helps baby to develop a better self-image and improves baby’s vision
  • Develops self-awareness and environmental discovery
  • Has lots of fun textures to encourage baby to grasp and explore
  • Bright, contrasting colors and patterns catch baby’s eye and keep baby engaged
  • Interchangeable toy designed to be developmentally appropriate for every stage
  • Customize play time anywhere baby goes: stroller, twin Stroller, crib, car seat, high chair, Pack & Play, Swing, table, booster, bouncer, diaper changing table, bassinets, bath, Gym/Mat and anywhere you can envision


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