Hatch Rest+ 2nd Gen Night Light / Sound Machine with Battery


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Hatch Rest Night Light. Individuals in my nurturing bunches go wild about this item and it was a genuine redesign from our old mix of nightlights and reasonable sound machines. It’s certainly an advantageous buy however there are a few self-evident and not so clear regions where it very well may be better.

The low light settings are extremely low. I’ve experienced a ton of difficulty finding nightlights that aren’t excessively brilliant and I love the adaptability of tweaking the varieties and variety temperature and changing the splendor down to exceptionally low levels for rest.

  • Our latest, updated Rest+ sound machine. Keep your little one dreaming with sounds like white noise, wind, rain, and lullabies. Wi-Fi enabled so you can control from anywhere to keep them snoozing through the sounds of everyday life.
  • Night light. Make midnight feedings soothing and the dark less scary with a reassuring, calming glow.
  • Charging base powers up to 8-hour battery. Wherever your little one snoozes, Rest+ follows. With a portable design and battery, you can keep them dreaming — no matter where naps happen.
  • Time-to-Rise. Set up this light and sound combination to let your early riser know when it’s time to rise. Time-for-Bed. Pair light and sounds to build habits and cue your little one for bedtime.
  • Winding down made simple. Includes soothing sounds like white noise, ocean, wind, fan, heartbeat, rain, and lullabies. Expand your library with the Hatch Sleep Membership, an optional add-on library of bedtime stories, classic music tunes, and more expert curated sleep content. Free trial included.


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