Janod Confetti Grand Piano


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Janod Confetti Grand Piano. 18 keys Red, yellow, green, orange !!! Confetti is a finished scope of instruments improved in the Pop N ‘Rock style! Confetti actuates every one of the faculties and permits youthful performer understudies to make their initial phases in the realm of melodic act of spontaneity. For youngsters from 3 years to 8 years. Planned in France.

  • Strike up the band with this wooden toy piano
  • Play your piano
  • Brightly colored polka dots
  • Designed in France
  • Recommended for children aged 3-8 years old
  • Janod’s playful, sturdy and joyous creations forge unique connections between children and their toys… as well as between the brand and its consumers. The not so easily defined soulful component drives our designers and has enabled Janod to hold a special place in toy chests around the world!


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