Think King Mighty Buggy Hook – Black/Silver


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King Mighty Buggy Hook. This is the first clasp free metal and lash snares planned explicitly for carriages. Think Lord presented this remarkable plan in 2008 and it in a flash turned into a worldwide achievement.

Not at all like modest plastic choices, Think Ruler Buggy Snares won’t ever snap. The snares are made of lightweight metal making them entirely sturdy and solid.

These snares are unbelievably valuable on wheelchairs, walkers or rollators and in vehicles. They are many times utilized related to our Enormous Swirly Snares and Buggy Cup pocket.

  • This is the Original mom-invented Buggy Hook, perfect for holding any bag anywhere on any stroller
  • Easy to attach with hook & loop strap that stays put, will not slide around
  • Triple layer reinforced straps that will not tear, all metal parts that will not break
  • Slim & elegant U-shape hook makes it easy to slip items on-off easily with one hand
  • 20lb weight limit (stay safe and do not overload)
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