Larktale Rain/Wind Cover – Caravan Stroller Wagon (PVC)


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larktale caravan stroller wagon

The larktale caravan Rain/Wind Cover safety encloses the stroller/wagon in a clear-view. Water repellent cover that helps protect seated passengers or cargo from wind, rain or other inclement weather.

Your family adventure doesn’t have to stop with the weather.

Larktale’s Caravan Rain/Wind Cover protects your little one from inclement weather so the fun can continue. Designed with a convenient easy-snap system, this baby stroller cover attaches to Larktale’s Sun Canopy Set in seconds. You also won’t have to worry about leaving gaps around the rain and wind cover. Because this practical accessory fully encloses the caravan to help protect passengers and cargo from rain, wind and flying debris.

This caravan rain cover features an anti-fog and non-crease technology so that they can still enjoy their views from inside the stroller. In addition, it’s still easy to get to your baby and attend to their needs even with the full stroller rain cover snapped in place.

No more delays from protecting your baby from the rain or humidity with the Larktale Caravan Rain/Wind Cover.

  • Anti-fog and non-crease material helps to keep children’s view clear
  • Fully encloses the caravan to help protect passengers and cargo from rain, wind and flying debris.
  • Attaches in seconds
  • Easy access to seated children or cargo
  • Requires use of the Larktale caravan™ sun canopy set
  • SAFE FROM THE ELEMENTS: Ensure the safety of your kids from rain, wind, and other inclement weather; This baby stroller rain is maKe with water-repellant material that fully encloses the caravan, protecting seated passengers or cargo from various weather conditions and even flying debris
  • QUICK INSTALL: Even a small delay means that your baby might get wet from the rain or uncomfortable from the humidity; Larktale’s Caravan Rain and Wind cover is convenientily designed with an easy-snap system so that you can attach the baby stroller cover within seconds
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