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Innovative and ergonomic, the Lascal m1 Carrier makes life with baby easier by giving you two free hands. While still bonding with your baby. The unique design of the m1 Infant M-Seat provides the preferred ‘M’ seating position, with knees higher than the hips, recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI) for healthy hip development. As baby grows, the infant seat is removable and the m1 still provides superior hip to knee support so baby sits in the carrier rather than dangling from it.

GREAT FOR INFANTS: The Infant M-Seat allows infants weighing 8-12 lbs. to always sit in the most ergonomic hip-friendly ‘M-Position’ with knees higher than the hip. The seat of the toddler portion makes a perfect footrest for your little one to also assist in the ‘M-Position’.

GREAT FOR OLDER BABIES & TODDLERS: The unique and patented Hip-Zip system offers great ergonomic leg support under toddler’s thighs, even in the forward facing position for maximum comfortbaby carrier wrap,

The Hip-Zip system allows full freedom of movement for the baby’s legs when in the forward facing position, while still offering the best thigh to knee support for a comfortable sitting position. Maximum weight for toddlers is 33 lbs.

GREAT FOR PARENTS: Designed with 3D breathable fabric, the material is soft for baby but structured enough for proper support. The easily adjustable straps and lumbar support make it quick to adjust to fit almost every body type.

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  • EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT! The adjustable lumbar support for lower back comfort and a wide padded waist belt and shoulder straps relieve the stress on the shoulders and neck for parents.
  • THE ONLY CARRIER YOU WILL NEED! The m1 Carrier can be worn on the front, facing in or facing out, and worn on the back. We do not recommend using a carrier on your hip due to the asymmetric impact on your spine and body.
  • Super soft and breathable high-tech 3D fabrics ensure superior comfort for your baby regardless of the weather. Easily machine washable.
  • Fits all shapes and sizes with a few quick adjustments using the intuitive and extremely easy-to-use buckles, making it a breeze to put on and take off. The Strap-Tidies keep all loose straps neatly folded for a clean and nice look.
  • The fold up head shield helps support and protect the newborn’s head and neck.
  • A pull out weather shield with UPF 50+ will instantly protect baby from sun, rain, and wind.
  • The adjustable, padded waist belt fits from 27”-58”.
  • Child weight capacity: 8 to 30 lbs

Carrier Positions: 3
Weight Capacity: 8 to 30 lbs
Waist Belt: 27”-58”
Material: 3D Breathable Polyester
What’s Included: UPF 50+ Weather Cover

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