Loog Pro Acoustic Guitar (Ages 8+) – Green


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Loog Pro Acoustic Guitar . The Loog Pro uses the first three strings of a guitar: same strings, same tuning. This is why everything you learn on a Loog can be applied on a 6-string guitar as well.

Playing tunes on guitar can be an overwhelming errand for novices. Loog tackles this: our 3-string guitars decrease harmonies to the fundamental group of three, taking into account a more straightforward and quicker educational experience. With a Loog, children can play melodies on the very first moment, feeling compensated and urged to continue to play and learning.

  • Award-winning 3-string design allows for an easier and faster learning process. With the Loog Mini, kids feel rewarded and encouraged to keep on playing and learning.
  • Approved by educators: Learn on a Loog, play any guitar.
  • Real wood, real guitar: specially designed for small hands, with low string action, perfect intonation and nylon strings for a beautiful classical guitar sound.
  • Includes chord flashcards, free video lessons, and full access to the Loog Guitar app (iOS and Android), so they can learn on their own, at their own pace.


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