Love To Dream Swaddle UP 50/50 Transition Bag, X-Large – Gray


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Love To Dream Swaddle UP 50/50 Transition Bag, X-Large – Gray


The super popular love to dream swaddle 50:50 made from a beautiful cotton fabric.

1.0 tog warmth makes this suitable for most of the year. If you have a very warm house you will likely prefer the the 50:50 Lite range for the middle of summer. Ideal for room temperatures between 20-24°C.

Wrapping babies, swaddling babies, cocooning babies… is a globally accept and proven method for helping babies to settle and sleep.

But there is a transition period for babies when moving from being snugly wrap or swaddle, to a sleeping bag or under blankets. This period can be quite unsettling for baby’s & parents’ precious sleep routine.

In addition, The Swaddle UP ’50/50’ is the no cry solution, which helps your baby, adjust to full blown freedom slowly. No matter how you have been swaddling your baby either with arms up, down or across their chest the 50/50 can help your baby transition out of swaddling and into a sleeping bag.


Usually parents transition their babies out of swaddling by using a conventional wrap, they leave one arm out and then later leave the second arm out. There are potential dangers with using conventional wraps for transitioning as the blankets/bedding can unravel. Unravelling or loosening can pose a tangling, suffocation and choking hazard to the baby.

Providing the parent has use the right size the Love To Swaddle UP 50/50 has a snug fit and is ergonomically design to fit the baby, and therefore reduces the risk of tangling, choking or suffocation.


  • Converts to a snug sleep suit, maintaining the secure feeling of being swaddled
  • Zip-off wings for a gentle transition
  • Specially designed shorter zip-on SELF-SOOTHING sleeves provide swaddling effect while cuffs are folded over
  • Easy transition between play & sleep
  • Feet can be covered for bedtime, uncovered for playtime
  • Certified ‘hip-healthy’ design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs
  • Twin zipper for easy nappy changes
  • No loose layers to kick off during sleep


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