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Mini Bento Box. Ditch the plastic and switch to silicone! Our Silicone Bento Boxes are one of a kind and are perfect for your child’s lunch. They fit perfectly into their lunch box and you can place them in the freezer overnight to keep your child’s food cold for a period of time. Mini Bento Box for sale.

  • DURABILITY- The Dearest Grey reusable Bento Boxes are made with 100% Food Grade Silicone and are FREE of BPA,PVC & Phthalates. Unlike plastic, our Bento Boxes are made to last. They feature thick walls and 3 compartments. Our Bento Boxes are Drop Proof meaning if dropped they will not break, crack, or rip.
  • WHO CAN USE THEM – Our Bento lunch box container can be used for kids & for adults. When using the Bento lunch box for adults they are perfect for meal prep, lunches, dinners, snacks and more! When using the bento lunch box for kids they are ideal for car rides, happy meals, dinner, lunch, breakfast, beach trips, plane ride and SO MUCH MORE. They truly are perfect for the whole family!
  • CARE – The Dearest Grey Bento Box is FREEZER SAFE | MICROWAVE SAFE | DISHWASHER SAFE. PRO TIP: Place your bento box in the freezer overnight so the next day your food can stay cold for a period of time.
  • KEEP FOOD FRESH – Your Bento Box will come with a lid making them the perfect lunch box for leftover or snacks all while keeping your food fresh! The lid is designed with groves that allows them to click onto the bento box!
  • COMPARTMENTS – The Dearest Grey Bento Box comes with 3 separate compartments. What sets our bento boxes apart from others is that the compartments are deep and durable.


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