Boon NURSH Silicone Pouch Bottle Feeding and Cleaning Set


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NURSH Silicone Pouch Bottle. A Heap OF BOON’S Ideal! This starter set of jug taking care of and cleaning items incorporates four NURSH bottles including an inventive plan with a folding silicone pocket liberated from straws, vents or valves. The pocket helps cut down on the ingestion of air to diminish excruciating gas, reflux, colic and burps. In the wake of taking care of, the Excursion bottle brush set makes it simple to get those jugs and areolas clean as a whistle and the TWIG holds more modest parts as high as possible. This is the ideal pack to keep you covered when burps!

  • AIR-FREE FEEDING: Innovative design means a collapsible pouch free of straws, vents or valves; Cuts down on the ingestion of air to decrease painful gas, reflux, colic and burps
  • REUSABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN | Pouches are reusable for more value and less waste; With just 4 pieces, our bottles are a snap to use and are 100% dishwasher safe
  • THE SAFETY OF SILICONE: Squishy, soft and made without icky toxins like BPA and PVA; Safe to boil, microwave, freeze and stick in a sterilizer
  • CLEAN ’EM, DRY ’EM: Bottles don’t clean themselves, so we provide a set of bottle brushes to get the gross out and a handy-dandy countertop drying rack to finish the job
  • WHAT’S IN THE BOX: GRASS Countertop Drying Rack, TWIG Drying Rack Accessory, TRIP Bottle Brush Set (2), 4 oz bottle (2), 8 oz bottle


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