Tiny Love 2 in 1 Rocker – Boho Chic


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Tiny Love 2 in 1 Rocker – Boho Chic

The tiny love 2 in 1 rocker is a minimalist and lightweight design that easily shifts between a rocking seat and a stationary seat.
First, Cozy and lightweight rocker with 2 modes of use (rocking or stationary). 3 recline positions and 2 adorable developmental toys. Easily shift between the positions using one hand only! The Boho Chic Collection’s trendy design and unique color palette will complement your home’s interior and create a peaceful, well-moderated environment that will encourage your baby to explore and learn.

Modes of use:

3 Reclining Positions – Choose between the three reclining options to adjust the rocker to your little one’s mood and preference.

Stationary or Rocking – Easily move from stationary to rocking and vice-versa, depending on what’s right for your baby at that particular time.

Age Tips:

0-3 months: Promoting Emotional Development

Further, Quiet independent downtime is important for your baby’s development. Let your little one enjoy the gentle rocking movement of the 2-in-1 Rocker anywhere around the house, easily moving it with you between rooms.

3-6 months: Practicing Fine Motor Skills

In addition, Let your baby enjoy playing with the Boho Chic Rocker’s all-natural plush koala and wooden rattle. With time, your little one’s attempts to hit the toy will become more intentional and she will gain the ability to grasp and hold the rattle.

4-6+ months: The Right Angle For Tasting

Let your little one enjoy his first tasting of food in the Rocker’s stationary mode upright position, which is excellent for babies who still need that extra support to sit comfortably. The cover is easily removable and washable – so no worries if it gets a little messy.

0-6+ months: Perfect For Communication

Finally, The Rocker’s lightness and convenient fold means you can easily move it with you around the house, keeping your baby close by. The various reclining options make it excellent for enjoying some eye contact, communicating and bonding with your little.


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