7 A.M. Enfant Car Seat Cocoon Tundra – Heather Beige / White Faux Fur


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7AM Enfant Car Seat. Consider the Vehicle Seat Case as a puffy cover for your child’s vehicle seat! It fits all models flawlessly, slipping on and off like a flash and fitting cozily because of an essentially planned flexible base. Furthermore, however it’s impervious to both breeze and downpour, it’s super lightweight and agreeable for your little one. It’s a life hack, as well. You will not need to battle with numerous layers of articles of clothing, simply ensure your child is fashionable in the vehicle seat and the Vehicle Seat Cover will safeguard from the most extreme circumstances, keeping child comfortable on winter strolls.

In the event that it gets excessively warm outside or in the vehicle, simply bust open the helpful side shoulder zippers to reveal child’s head. The Cover Artificial Fur has a super delicate protection, miniature downy or rich coating and the best part is that it’s thoroughly machine launderable and dryable.

  • Contoured fit removes any material between baby and the car seat 5-point harness
  • Elastic base makes for easy installation and removal
  • Central zipper allows for quick & easy access to baby
  • Horizontal shoulder zippers for uncovering baby’s head
  • Removable faux fur trim
  • Lightweight, windproof & water-repellent outer shell
  • Ultra-soft premium insulation and soft micro-fleece or plush lining
  • Machine washable


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