Uppababy Travel Bag for MESA


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Uppababy MESA Travel Bag .Whether entryway checking your Plateau or putting away it until the following child, our Plateau Satchel with Movement Safe gives all the assurance you really want. With our Movement Safe Program you can entryway check your vehicle seat without stress. By essentially enrolling this satchel on the web, any harm caused to your carriage during air travel is completely covered by UPPAbaby. Numerous convey handles and a more than adequate plan permit you to handily ship the transporter alone or with base. Any place your experiences take you and your family, UPPAbaby takes care of you.

We utilized this a couple of times to bring our Uppababy Plateau through the air terminal and onto the plane. This is a more pleasant pack than a portion of the conventional sacks out there and has a solid zipper and some cushioning. It can sort of change over into a rucksack to let loose the hands for different things. The main drawback is the cost yet in the wake of perusing how the other vehicle seat satchels hold up, I can say this one didn’t tear, the zipper actually works, and it kept the vehicle seat spotless and flawless.

  • Durable, luggage grade, 600-denier bag
  • Multiple travel handles allow for transport with ease- Includes Travel Safe Program
  • Ample design accommodates both the MESA with base or carrier only
  • Front luggage tag pocket
  • For use with all MESA models


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