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bombol bamboo bouncer

bombol bamboo 3d knit bouncer isThe most innovative baby bouncer. For Newborn baby to 5 years child. Your child can enjoy snoozing, playing & rocking on their own baby chair

With the Bamboo 3Dknit ™ Bouncer your child can enjoy snoozing, playing, bouncing and relaxing on their own high-end padded piece of furniture. And with every component over-tested, you can relax too.


Bamboo 3Dknit Bouncer is engineered to cradle your baby like a supportive hammock. 3D knitting technology is brilliant because it allows you to weave a single fabric with different mechanical properties in different areas, and it’s breathable. It means the bouncer provides the perfect support in all the right places – but there are almost no seams under your baby’s body. Making it stronger as well as comfier than a traditional bouncer.


bombol bamboo 3d knit bouncer dynamic backrest lets your child choose their position simply by shifting its weight. A bit like an ergonomic office chair. You can also adjust, lock or release the backrest’s position silently without disturbing your child. And when it’s nap time, you can open the angle of the backrest, relaxing their tummy for a more comfortable rest – all without moving or waking them.


If a bouncer is made from one uniform, non-elastic fabric, then newborns can sometimes roll or slump. Instead, Bombol used softer, tensed fabric at the center of the bouncer and more rigid fabric where extra support is needed to cradle your newborn like a supportive hammock.


Usage age: Birth to 5 Years

Open Dimensions: 28.5 L x 16.5 W x 16.5 H

Folded: 28.5 L x 16.5 W x 6.7 H

What’s Included: Bouncer


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