FridaBaby 2-in-1 Lactation Massager


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FridaBaby Lactation Massager. At the point when you really want to give your Boobs a hand, The 2-in-1 lactation Massager with movable modes tenderly carries warm vibrations to separate the milk development so you can get to the let-down quicker + more straightforward. Utilize the various sides + finishes to assist with easing stopped up milk channels and void bosoms for more milk yield. It’s no time like the present your Boobs got a few decent energies.

  • Increase milk flow: vibration + heat bust through buildup + clogged ducts, and get milk flowing. Choose the mode you need to get the job done.
  • Relieve clogged ducts + engorgement: the breast care tool to have on hand for pain-in-the-boob nursing + PUMPING moments and to prevent other symptoms and supply issues.
  • Different ends + sides: help unclog stubborn ducts, pull out blocked milk and empty breasts.
  • Pocket-size + rechargeable. No batteries Needed, just recharge with USB cord – even on-the-go!
  • Water resistant. Designed to be used for massages in the shower (when the flow won’t go!).


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