MammaEase Lumama Pro Warming Lactation Massager – Blush Pink


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MammaEase  Lactation Massager, This is auper charming has a bizarre smell not in a terrible manner. The vibration is calmer than generally likewise not really strong. The intensity isn’t solid at all it scarcely gets warm. The chargers are cool one attractive or you cqn utilize the dock. NO CHARGER BOX just use it one time and afterward should be charged.

  • A Must for Breastfeeding Moms: Tired of dealing with constant pain, swelling or clogged milk ducts standing in the way of your little one’s essential meal? Would you like to encourage milk production and lymphatic drainage in your breasts? The MammaEase Lumama Pro small massager is the perfect choice for every mom!
  • Customized Experience: This breast massager was designed having in mind the mamma’s ultimate comfort, featuring 2 heat levels and 5 vibration levels in order to provide a personalized experience according to every woman’s needs.
  • Designed with Care: Our lactation massager is made of premium quality, highly durable and skin-friendly silicone, being 100% safe and pleasant to touch. The quiet, discreet design won’t interrupt latching or disturb your little one’s peace when in use.
  • Unique Shape and Improved Tip: Unlike similar products on the market, this breastfeeding massager has an ergonomic design and unique shape that nicely contours the breast, for a truly pampering experience. The unique tip specifically targets clogged ducts, being the ideal companion for your breast pump.
  • Easy Operation and Charging Base: The Lumama Pro warming lactation massager comes with an included USB charging base and additional charging cord, plus a modern and discreet storage pouch, making it your ideal travel companion. A lovely baby shower gift idea for your best friend or loved one.


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