Peg Perego Reversible Baby Cushion


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Padded baby cushion for Peg Perego high chairs or stroller. Winter side made with cozy matelasse jersey and summer side made with 100% cotton. Fits in any Peg Perego stroller or high chair.

The padded baby cushion is made up of two combined fabrics to bring comfort in each and every season. The winter side, made from lightly quilted jersey fabric, is ideal for conserving your baby’s body heat; the 100% cool cotton side is perfect for summer.


Compatible with: Peg Perego strollers and high chairs.

Peg-Perego Reversible Seat Cushion for High Chairs and Buggies

article number:Y5BABYCUSH 

This padded reversible seat cushion is suitable for all Peg-Perego high chairs and buggies.

Two different kinds of fabric meet the needs of your little one perfectly. A cuddly fabric on one side keeps your child warm when it’s cold outside. The other side of the cushion features heat-regulating cotton fabric which is ideal for hot summer days.

The cover can be machine washed and prevents the actual fabric from wearing off and getting dirty.


  • Padded reversible seat cushion
  • Suitable for all Peg-Perego high chairs and buggies
  • Summer and winter side
  • Washable cover


Reversible Seat Cushion for High Chairs and Buggies
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