Meeno Babies Infant Bucket Seat Liner in Pink


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 Infant Bucket Seat Liner. All Season, Cooling, and Comfy: Made from state of the art, 3-ply poly-mesh material that promotes airflow between your child’s body and their seat. Warm air escapes, preventing overheating and perspiring keeping baby cool and comfortable.

Most existing seat liners have various issues — they aren’t breathable, they need adequate padding, stain effectively, and just fit one model of transporter, vehicle seat or carriage. Meeno Children Cool Mee Seat Liners address these issues and that’s just the beginning. Produced using cutting edge, 3-handle poly-network material that advances wind stream between your youngster’s body and their seat. Warm air avoids, forestalling overheating and sweating keeping child cool and agreeable. Our all inclusive plan fits most child situates and introduces without any problem!

Just non-chlorine blanch when essential. For best outcomes, machine wash with warm water on delicate cycle. Wash independently or with like tones. Made by guardians like you who essentially believed that their child should rest simpler by keeping them cool and agreeable while voyaging. Line or hang dry as it were. Try not to Tumble Dry.

Aspects: 27 x 10.625 x .25

  • Keeps baby cool & comfortable
  • Universal design fits most strollers
  • Soft, breathable, absorbent
  • Simple to use, easy to clean
  • Other colors available


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