Harness Booster Car Seats

Harness-to-Booster Car Seats at Belux Baby
Harness-to-Booster Car Seats (which is a high back booster seat with the same 5-point harness as your convertible car seat) fill a special place in the car seat world. The guideline is that children should use a forward-facing seat with a harness for as long as possible, up to the highest weight or height allowed by their car safety seat manufacturer. So what happens when they outgrow their current seat but you, as a parent, do not want to move to just a low-back or no-back booster seat just yet? Good news is that this is exactly where the harness-to-booster seats come into play
Harness-to-Booster Safety
Rest safely knowing that all the car seats that we hand select for sale at Albee Baby not only meet, but exceed, federal safety standards. It’s highly recommended to give your child the safest seat possible for as long as possible, which is where a harness-to-booster car seat is a better choice due to its additional, more robust safety features when compared to the standard booster seats (which are also extremely safe, especially the more your child grows to meet the height and weight requirements). The booster seats equipped with harnesses still come with the option to install via the LATCH system or through a seat belt installation.
Harness-to-Booster Car Seats at Belux Baby
Just like with all our car seats, we work hard to make sure to bring parents the best prices and selection on harness-to-booster car seats. Between dedicated relationships with our vendors to nearly 100 years in this business, we select and deliver the best value we can for our customers–because having the right seat for you and your little one means so much more than words can describe. We encourage you to browse our harness-to-booster seats and explore the features to decide which one is perfect for you and your LO.

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